What people are saying

I enjoy going to the club because we do different fun stuff and we go to lots of different places. My favorite trips so far was flamingo land, cragside and gibside. We also do lots of arts and crafts. I enjoy there!

Olivia, Junior, 9 years

I like the club I have learnt a lot of skills from the club and I liked camping and I have a lot of skills from that. I have learnt a lot because of the club and it has helped me to get lots more friends.

Luis, Junior, 9 years

There are so many opportunities, like the DofE, trips, activities and making new friends. I can try something different and learn new things.

Miriam, Senior, 15 years

The things I like about Northbourne is that you get to do a lot of cool things, they have helped me with my confidence and skills , I have made loads of friends at Northbourne throughout the years.

Georga, junior/senior, 12 years

The project has helped me to meet new friends and made me more confident talking to different types of people, it has set me up to move on to University

Thilakshi, Senior, 18 years

I’ve leant a lot of new skills being a team player and making new friendships what I’ve really enjoyed most is going on trips such as lightwater Valley and London.

Aman, senior, 16 Years