Monkeying about!

8th May 2018

Monkeying about!

Last Saturday ( 28th of April) a group of seniors, that included me, braved the intense rope course known as Go-Ape!

This activity was a combination of two groups’ key-funds. All of the seniors really challenged themselves, with this being the majority of the group’s’ first time at GoApe. Initially, the courses started out quite easy, but as we moved from stage-to-stage, we quickly realised things were getting more difficult. The motto of Go-Ape was “always stay attached” since we were navigating more than 10m above the ground; one look down and you are sure to feel uneasy in the stomach!

The courses consisted of an assortment of 160m drop zip-wires, cargo nets and unstable platforms, though perhaps the most nerve-wracking activity was the final cargo net jump. One would drop vertically before rapidly swing into a cargo net, 12m above the ground.

All of the seniors involved challenged themselves to their absolute maximum and we all had a fantastic time. More fun activities can be provided through the key-fund scheme.

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