Introducing Sid!

8th May 2018

Introducing Sid!

Hello, my name is Sidharth, though many people call me Sid! I’ve been coming to Northbourne since September 2015, in order to do my Duke of Edinburgh award. I am currently 16 years old and in Year 11.

I’m currently working towards my Silver award with the DoFE, with cooking having been my skill, and karate having been my physical. I hope to use blog writing for Northbourne to fulfill the volunteering component.

Being a relatively shy and reserved person, I often struggle to talk to new people. Northbourne has helped me to expand my friendship circles and become better at communicating with people. Thanks to Northbourne, I have also been pushed to do activities that I normally would be too afraid to do, like the high-rope fun at GoApe; and other adrenaline pumping activities like go-karting. Without a doubt, Northbourne is an extremely welcoming youth club that will certainly reveal a side that you never thought you had.

The volunteering component is all about using one’s personal skills and talents to help a community. I hope that my skills in writing will encourage and inform more people about the activities Northbourne has to provide. Every volunteering job is also a learning experience, so I hope to improve my writing skills.

I know Northbourne will continue to provide great activities, so stay tuned to see what happens next!

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