Families and Community members brave the rain for a day out to Cragside

9th April 2018

Families and Community members brave the rain for a day out to Cragside

It was a lovely and sunny day of Spring in Cragside.

Well… it was Spring, yes. It was lovely, sure. And it was in Cragside. I think there was also a sun somewhere behind the wet carpet of clouds, but – hey! – we are in England: some rain will never stop us from enjoying a family trip at the park!

During last months, Northbourne started a project that aims to involve our neighbours and strengthen the relationships within our local community, especially after having found out that some families are new in the area and don’t know each other yet. We were glad to see so many people from our club and from the outside interested in our activities, so that we even had to make a waiting list. A sincere thank you for this.

So, we went to Cragside. Many of us had never been there before. I had no idea there was such a wonderful house ready to be explored; it’s a dive into the past you won’t forget and, hopefully, it will remain within the children who spent a good time looking for the hidden Easter eggs.

Some of the families decided to fight the rain and visited other sides of this immense park. The big lake, quietly sleeping under the fog and surrounded by a handful of silent houses, is still waiting for us, when the sun will be free once more and will show its true colors.

Next time we will be in Gibside, Wednesday 11th April. Sunshine or not, I am sure it will be another nice family day we will enjoy even more.

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